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Sanitary Gaskets

Ultrapharma is producing many different sanitary gaskets of very high quality. The photos below show some of our standard gaskets that are used at the production sites of bio-pharmaceutical plants. We design our tooling so they meet current international standards. We are able to design custom made parts as well, these can be made from a wide selection of validated compounds. We follow current GMP guidelines to secure a reproducible gasket, time after time.   

Compound data sheets 


part numbers


The compounds that we use for our gaskets are carefully selected and meet current requirements for pharmaceutical use.

Popular gasket materials are:

  • EPDM

  • Platinum Silicone

  • FKM

  • PTFE

  • Tri-Bond® (PTFE bonded to elastomer)

  • Steam-Flon® (PTFE with stainless steel powder)


We manufacture sanitary gaskets in all standards such as:

DIN32676 series A, B, and C.

  • DIN32676 (Series A)

  • ISO1127 (DIN32676 Series B)

  • ASME BPE (DIN32676 Series C)

  • ISO2852

  • SMS3017 pipe SMS3008

  • ASME BPE Category I & II 

Popular Partnumbers

CMD-1004          EPDM                             40MPE-XXX                40MPFE-XXX

                                                                    UP40MPE-XXX           UP40MPFE-XX

CMD-1071          PLATINUM SILICONE   40RXPX-XXX               40RXPXF-XXX

                                                                    UP40RXPX-XXX          UP40RXPX-XXX 

CMD-1010          FKM                                40MPSFY-XXX            40MPFSFY-XXX

                                                                    UP40MPSFY-XXX       UP40MPFSFY-XXX

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