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Many of the processes we work with in the pharmaceutical industry are in some respect similar to those in the Food industry. This is why we started to expand our product range into the Food industry several years ago. We offer standard gaskets in many different compounds, and we designed special Screens and Orifice Plates for DIN11851 and DIN11864 standards, as well as for Swedish Standard SMS1149.  


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New Versions DIN11851

We all know the classical food fittings such as the DIN11851 milkthreadcoupling, which incorporates the D-type gasket and the more sanitary version with lip. Over the years we have developed several new products for this standard including the Steam-Flon® version. We developed in-line filters (screens) and orifice plates and introduced the PTFE envelope seal. In the above animation and the photo gallery, you can see a selection of various products with descriptions.

The other food standards are:


DIN11864 or DIN11853 

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The Steam-Flon® material is very interesting because of its high stability under deformation load. Virtually no cold-flow issues. Therefore it is a very good material to use as a removable seal.  We have developed DIN11851 removable seals in which you can place either a Screen (filter) or a Plate.

Check out the chapter Removable Steam-Flon® and learn more about the functionality of this unique product line. Unlimited possibilities.   


We manufacture DIN11851, SMS1149 seals in the following materials:


NBR                  (CMD-1024)

EPDM               (CMD-1023)

FKM                  (CMD-1025)

SILICONE         (CMD-1026)


PTFE (virgin)     (CMD-1018)

Steam-Flon®    (CMD-1019)

Steam-Flon® is a registered trademark of Ultrapharma BV

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