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Validation Components

Sampling gaskets are used for thermal mapping during validation. They can also be used to draw samples from the pipeline through a sampling tube. See above animation. A standard sanitary Tri-Clamp flange utilizing the Sampling Thermocouple Gasket obtains the critical thermal mapping information needed during the validation process without interference due to incorrect installation. 


The Sampling gaskets can be very useful when performing SIP validation with our new Sporfix concept. Read more about this new product below and at our website

The new standard in sampling.

Our engineers at Ultrapharma always try to think out of the box, to make products and processes easier for you. Conventional products may work well, but there is always room for improvement. Like the sampling clamps with the standard 1, 2, 3 and 4 ports, always positioned in the same angles. This makes you very limited in sampling space and a specific clamp is only useful for one configuration.


This is why we introduce the Allport sampling clamp; a half open clamp that can be used for 1, 2, 3, 4 or as many ports as you want. So no need for different clamps, the Allport clamp is useful for all configurations. Combined with new gaskets where we repositioned the ports, which provides more workspace and much easier assembly.


We made sure that in our new configurations the ports are placed in the best position for accessibility and the least obstruction. If you frequently use 3 or 4 ports, you’ll probably recognize the problems of difficult alignment or the wingnut that is obstructing your probe.

The Allport-

Sampling Clamp


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How to use Sampling Gaskets

The Sampling gasket is 2x the thickness of a standard Tri-Clamp gasket and can therefore hold a probe with a 2,65 mm diameter. This probe can be a thermocouple, a sampling tube, or a wire thermocouple. Insert this probe through one of the holes and securely close the specially machined clamp.  

If one or more of the ports is not used during thermal mapping a hole must be closed with a plug. The maximum pressure for this system is 4 bar. After validation, these Sampling gaskets are replaced with standard gaskets.


Available Compounds

CMD-1012  Translucent Silicone 

CMD-1004  Black EPDM

CMD-1010  Black FKM (on request)

Sampling gaskets are not available in PTFE

Sporfix Blue HQ_4x.png