Tri-Bond Gaskets

Tri-bond® is an unique composition of a flexible elastomer and chemically inert PTFE. The thin PTFE lining on the outside is taking care of the chemical resistance of the gasket while the flexible elastomer inside covers its sealing capabilities. These two features make Tri-Bond® the ultimate pharmaceutical gasket.

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Tri-Bond® is available in the following standards:



DIN32676 Serie C  (ASME BPE)         Type-I

SMS3017/ISO2852                              Type-I

DIN32676 Serie A                               Type-II    

DIN32676 Serie B  (ISO1127)             Type-II

Tri-Bond® is available in 2 different compound variations:

  • PTFE + FKM substrate, CMD-1020

  • PTFE + EPDM substrate, CMD-1061  

  Tri-Bond® is a registered trademark of Ultrapharma BV

Recommended Torque

The Tri-Bond® gasket last longer if the correct torque is applied. Over-compression is disastrous for each gasket material. More information can be found in the Tri-Bond® brochure 

Compound data sheets 


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