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Snap-On Gaskets

Over-compression because of piping mis-alignments is one of the most common problems we see on a daily base. The flanges are not parallel and therefore we squeeze the gaskets until it stops leaking. The result is a completely destroyed gasket. The above illustration shows how the red plastic ring prevents over compression of the elastomer. Even if we give it the extra torque above the  recommended levels, the gasket is protected.   

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The Solution

The Snap-On™ gasket has this plastic ring on the outside that is just a little thinner than the actual elastomer gasket itself. Place the gasket over one ferrule by snapping it on. Place the other ferrule on top of the gasket and put a clamp around the fittings. When you turn the wing-nut you will first compress the rubber material until the ferrule hits the plastic ring. Soon you will notice that you are not able to turn the wing-nut any further. The plastic ring creates a full stop. It is impossible to further (over-) compress the gasket. Even in a situation where there is pipe misalignment.


In most cases engineers know where these problem connections are in the system. Simply utilizing the Snap-On gasket in these area´s will resolve big problems. The elastomer we use in the Snap-On gasket is the same as the standard gasket, same contact surface, same validated material.  


The Snap-On™ gasket has been developed for several reasons.

  • Resolving Over-Compression

  • Fixing Misalignment in pipe work

  • Colour identification

  • Dimension Identification


The Snap-On gaskets are available in EPDM (CMD-1004) and Platinum Silicone (CMD-1012) other elastomers on request. 



ASME BPE 1/2" - 3/4" - 1" - 1,5" and 2"

Plastic ring is made in BASF ULTRAMID


Double slit stainless clamps are available for good visibility when they are used for colour identification.

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