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Single-Use products

The market for Single-Use Systems (SUS) is rapidly increasing. More and more Bio-Pharmaceutical companies have adopted this relatively new concept. It is a method of better controlling the cleanliness of a production unit. Cleaning a conventional stainless steel vessel with all its components is a difficult task, not to mention the potential risk of cross-contamination from batch A to batch B, caused by absorption of some of the build-in components.  Typically a SUS is built with new components, never exposed to any other drug before. These components are non-metallic and are usually cold sterilized by gamma irradiation. Steam sterilization is most of the time not possible because of the limited temperature resistance of some of the plastics used.  

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The Pharma-Clamp® is made from glass-filled nylon. This material is extremely strong and is stable during heat exposure and mechanical load.  Traditional non-metallic clamps for single-use systems (SUS) are executed with a wing-nut. Operators who are putting Single-Use Systems together often complain about the number of wing nuts they have to assemble.  It is time-consuming and can lead to repetitive strain injury (RSI).


Our Pharma-Clamp® is easy to use because there is only one way to close it, no adjustments are possible. Because of this over-compression and destruction of the gasket is prevented. The Pharma-Clamp® cannot be installed incorrectly, when closed it can take 10 bars of pressure without any problem.   

The Pharma-Clamp® can be exposed to 50kGy Gamma radiation. It can be autoclaved and can withstand up to 150°C.         

Available Sizes

1/2" through 6" (TC 25 -TC 167)

DIN32676 A, B, C same TC diameters

Available Compound

CMD-1057  Nylon Glass Filled

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Pinch Valve

Pinch valve_White BG_edited.jpg

The Pinch valve is made from the same glass-filled nylon as our Pharma-Clamp®. This material is extremely strong and is stable during heat exposure and mechanical load.  The pinch valve has the same closing device as the Pharma Clamp®. Both have a locking device preventing unwanted opening during storage or transportation. A tie-wrap can easily be installed.


The Pinch Valve can be exposed to 50kGy Gamma irradiation. It can be autoclaved and can withstand up to 150°C.         

Available Sizes

Minimum tubing wall thickness is 2,40 mm maximum is 3,40 mm

Available Compound

CMD-1057  Nylon Glass Filled

Pressure Gauge

This pressure gauge was developed specifically for Single-Use applications. It was designed so operators could see that the system was pressurized. The gauge indicates pressure. It is a mechanical device with low accuracy (±15%). The housing is filled with liquid silicone oil, so we recommend us a Gauge Guard Isolator gasket to prevent potential system contamination, in case of a gauge membrane rupture.  

Available Sizes

3/4" MINI TC connection

1" -1.5" TC connection

Available Compound

CMD-1028   PTFE   (non gamma sterilization)

CMD-XXXX  PP (under development)

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