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The Easy-Clamp is designed to be used in areas where operators are constantly working with Tri-Clover clamps. Connecting hoses, pressure gauges, sight glasses and taking them apart again for cleaning. A daily activity that acquires a lot of manual handling. The conventional wing nut sometimes requires up to 20 turns before you lock your gasket. The Easy-Clamp only requires half a turn. This reduces the chance of repetitive strain injuries (RSI).


We built in a feature that allows the operator to further tighten the connection in case of a leak without losing the integrity of a sterile connection. The majority of these connections can be made easily without misalignment issues,  therefore the required torque can be as low as 1,5 Nm, which helps with an easy installation.    

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Available (2Q 2020)

The Easy-Clamp is available for all Single Pin (13LAH) clamps. 


ASME BPE 1/2" through 4"

Flange OD sizes: 25 / 34 / 50,5 / 64 / 77 / 91 / 106 / 119

Material 304SS / 316SS / Ceramic

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